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A Day in the Life of a Code f.a.d. Board Member: English Sall

My day begins similarly to most people, luckily right now most of my day doesn’t start until 10:30 so I get to sleep in a bit.

English Sall with her dog.

English Sall with her dog.

9am- Wake up to my dog Dyson licking my face, or trying to push me off the bed.

9:15- Need coffee now.

9:30- Coffee brewing, pop tarts poptarting

10am- shower, get pretty

10:20- This Tuesday especially picking out an outfit was somewhat stressful. It was my first day of Graduate School so I wanted to look it. How does one look relaxed, intellectual, friendly and chic, all with one pair of jeans and a blouse? I changed into dress.

11am- before heading to class I break out the GRE flash cards and attempt to memorize meanings of words like Acclivity and Askance. Using them in a sentence sometimes helps ie: “Studying for the GRE is like climbing the acclivity of Mt. Mitchell” or “When I tell people my name is English many tilt their head and glare with askance”.

12:30- After painstakingly studying flashcards for an hour or so its time for me to head to class.

1pm- After walking from one end of NCSU to another into a non air-conditioned classroom, instead of exuding relaxed intellectual bad-assness my outfit now just exudes sweat and possibly BO. Lovely.

1:20-My professor walks in and as we wait on our last few classmates to join us he begins talking about projects he has done with Wake co. Sheriffs dept. and Lehman brothers. He told the best story about how he was on the phone with someone at Lehman Bros. the day the market crashed. I continue to fall more in love with my chosen PhD program IO Psychology throughout the next 1.5 hours of class.

3:00- We get let out early and I walk home.

3:30- Home at last. Time for a snack of Perogies filled with cheese and mashed potatoes? I think so!

4pm- The rest of the afternoon consists of me returning emails, studying for the GRE and doing homework (which is mostly readings).

7:30- On Tuesdays my husband Will has a really late class at UNC so this is the one night a week I am tasked with making dinner (because anyone who knows us knows that he is the cook in our family and I am not. The oven for me is a place to dry socks and gloves once one comes in from the snow). However, Tuesday is my day to try and make a delicious dinner for the both of us.

7:45- Realizing I should have probably started cooking a little while ago, didn’t realize the process of thawing something takes 985 days.

8:00- Lima beans catch fire; put fire out with a beer. Incidentally discovered a great new ingredient to add to lima beans.

8:30- Hubby is on his way home!

9pm- Dinner of chicken, rice, and beer soaked lima beans is served.

9:45- After dinner walk with the dog.

10pm- My husband and I watch a new episode of The Mentalist, making bets on who Red John really is.

11pm- Ready for bed, laying down with a good book (Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahmenan, I highly recommend it) and dozing off to sleep.



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