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Dancer Profile: Ashley McCullough

Editor’s note: Check out one of our newest dancers, Ashley, in her first performance with Code f.a.d. Company on September 13, 2014 as part of SPARKcon 2014. We will be performing “Dinner” as part of the early danceSPARK showcase, from 11am-1pm on the main stage! 

Ashley McCullough

1. What is your earliest memory of dancing?
I remember being in dance classes as a young sapling at 2 years of age. I was a shy, quiet kid… didn’t say much in public and was serious about the things I did, especially dance. At class while all the other kids, who were 1-2 years older than I, would run around, hang on the bars, etc., I was the only one waiting patiently at the bar in first position. I remember feeling frustrated with how the other dancers acted… I was there to dance! An example of my commitment is present in a home video of me doing bourrees across the floor when my little ballet slipper started to come off. Knowing that a dancer does not stop in a middle of a performance, I ignored my shoe and continued onward.

2. Where can we find you when you’re not dancing?
Practicing yoga, most likely upside down… or in the kitchen creating vegan masterpieces.

3. Describe your perfect day.
A warm run near a body of water watching the sun rise higher in the sky, followed by some yoga, ending with a dip in the aforementioned body of water and an interpretive/improvisational dance in the sun to dry off. Later enjoying a nice vegan dinner and a show with my husband.

4. What’s playing on your ipod currently?
My “Yes ma’am!” playlist including the likes of: Mumford and Sons, The Civil Wars, Sleeping at Last, The Beatles, Queen, Styx, The Piano Guys, Bon Iver… and various lesser known artists.

Welcome, Ashley, to Code f.a.d. Company!



2 thoughts on “Dancer Profile: Ashley McCullough

  1. Misty Vaughn says:

    Ashley used to be my daughters dance teacher and is a wonderful dancer and has a lot to offer. We also miss her so much. We love you Ashley

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