Bubble (2007)

October 29, 1929: An estimated $30 billion worth of stock vanished ⎯ the bubble burst. The times surrounding the 1929 stock market crash filled investors’ heads with confusion and hearts with an overwhelming ache. Using the society of 1929 to mirror that of today, Bubble traps eight citizens in the midst of financial strife and watches as they begin to reach out to one another to ease their feelings of isolation. Bubble leaves the audience with one final question: can we break free internally from a situation externally imposed?

Choreography by Autumn Mist Belk
Music: Valse vanite by Rudy Wiedoeft, performed by Alex Mitchell & Jeremy Limb;
Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground by Catfish Keith
Text: Reviewing the 1929 Stock Market Crash
Sound arrangement by Autumn Mist Belk
8 dancers; 11 minutes