Code f.a.d. Company creates stand-alone dance films, in addition to incorporating film into many of our concert dance works. Below you will find clips from a few of our films. Check out our “Dance” page for more information on our concert works with video components.

Vera Wang: The Dress

Alternating between a church and white open studio, the Vera Wang: The Dress follows two women in bridal gowns as they run, jump, slide, and dance through the hoops found in traditional weddings in an effort to find more openness. This marks the first section Fashion Briefs to make its film-only debut!

Vera Wang: The Dress earned an honorable mention from the 2012 filmSPARK.



Shot on NCSU’s Centennial Campus in the summer of 2007, the dance film Product explores the sentimental side of materialism. Does a certain toy remind you of happy childhood memories? Can a specific smell, whether pleasant or unnerving, conjure up feelings so intense they transport you to another place? Product incorporates sections of dance, set to vintage radio jingles, alternating with brief periods of text to create a nostalgic environment for the viewer.

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