about Us

Code f.a.d. Company (where f.a.d. is an acronym for film, art, dance) is a multimedia modern dance company based in Raleigh, NC. Founded in 2008 by choreographer, filmmaker, and visual artist Autumn Mist Belk, Code f.a.d.’s mission is to create original movement-based art incorporating a variety of art mediums for the live concert stage, for gallery and installations settings and for the screen. Regardless of form or venue, all of the company’s creative work is very content-driven; the work always starts with a theme or point of inspiration. Work ranges from more narrative dance-theatre pieces to more abstract dance installations; however, clear character development is central in both styles. The creative team aims to present a true human element in all of the company’s work, giving audiences an way “in” to understanding and drawing their own meanings, questions, and conclusions from performance works. In addition to professional performances, Artistic Director Belk and Code f.a.d. believe in educating our youth in dance and multidisciplinary artwork through lectures, performances, master classes, and residencies for K-12 students and the community. Over the past seven seasons, Code f.a.d. Company has performed in 50+ concerts, created three evening-length dance works, completed four dance films, and taught numerous workshops. Belk earned her B.A. in dance and studio art from the University of Alabama and her M.F.A. in dance from the University of Maryland. In addition to leading Code f.a.d. Company, Belk is an Assistant Professor at NC State University, where she teaches dance, yoga, gymnastics.

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